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on Mobile Home Parks

St Paul Acquires Mobile Home Park in Whitehouse, TX

St Paul Group acquired a 90-space mobile home park in Whitehouse, TX. This purchase is an opportunity for us to improve housing for many families in the Tyler TX area. Years of mismanagement had degraded community and affected quality of life. St Paul will be making significant effort and investment to improve the property. We are excited to get started on improving housing for the residents.

Mobile Home Park Water Filter Installation

Groundwater or Well water is by nature potable. It is clean and safe for human consumption because the overlying soil acts as filter. Though there are many types of bacteria that can live in wells, the vast majority of them are harmless and do not cause any kind of...

What I Learned on a 2,000-mile MHP Odessey

Last month, I drove about 2,000 miles looking at mobile home parks in Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan in 10 days. Why spend all that time and money to look at mobile home parks? As mobile home park investors, we are actively looking to buy parks in...