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St Paul Group has put together an all-star team of advisors with more than 30 years of experience. This board of industry veterans has made a commitment to guide St Paul Group through its investment endeavors and to provide valuable input to our operations.

David Reynolds

Mr. Reynolds  has been a successful real estate investor for more than a decade specializing in the acquisition of manufactured housing communities and RV parks. He has the keen ability to quickly assess deals, cut through hype, measure upside vs. downside risk, and make sound decisions. His company currently owns more than 170  manufactured housing communities & RV parks.

David is a highly sought-after consultant and educator in the manufactured housing investment community. He has authored 4 books and has developed some of the largest and most respected websites dedicated to manufactured housing & RV park industries, receiving over 10 million hits per year.

David Reynolds received a B.S. in Accounting from Mesa State College in Colorado in 1992 and attended graduate school majoring in Accounting and Taxation at Colorado State University in 1994.

Roger Lund, CPA, MBA

Mr. Lund is a Certified Public Account with 32 years of experience. Mr. Lund received his B.S. Business Administration from the University of California in 1971 and his MBA from the University of California, Berkeley (Accounting) in 1975.

In addition, he is a former Associate Professor of Business Administration at the California State University (Stanislaus) where he taught advanced accounting, auditing, cost accounting, income tax and intermediate accounting. Mr. Lund is widely regarded as an expert in accounting and tax law for manufactured housing community investment. He has also invested in 9 manufactured housing communities throughout the country.

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