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St Paul Group is pleased to announce the purchase of a 90-space mobile home park in Whitehouse, TX. This purchase is an opportunity for us to improve housing for many families in the community. Years of mismanagement had degraded the community and affected quality of life. Certis will be making a significant effort and investment to improve the property. We are excited to get started on improving housing for the residents.

The previous owner had purchased the park in the about 10 years ago. During its heydays, the park was in a great shape and enjoyed high occupancy. It was known to be one of the nicest mobile home park in Tyler, TX area. Several years ago, the owner decided to sell the property and retire. That is when the trouble began. The new owner began grossly mismanaging the property. When a number of homes were damaged, the new owner didn’t invest any money to fix them. Eventually, the property went downhill. The seller had provided seller financing, he had to take back the property.

The property did not fare well with years of absentee ownership and mismanagement. Many of the homes were in bad condition and the property had a lot of deferred maintenance. This mobile home park, however, has a lot of potential. Its mobile home lots are bigger than other parks. There is a lot of open space that can be utilized. The park is also close to the great schools in Whitehouse, TX and demand for housing is very strong in the area. We will get to work on helping it reaching its potential. Here are some of things that we will be doing:

  • Active Management – Due to transient ownerships, the property had not been optimally managed. We will be setting our management system in place. We will train and support our manager to provide fair and efficient management which benefits residents.
  • Homeownership Program – We believe that a park of homeowners makes the best community. Most of the residents in the park are renters and have never had an opportunity to own their own home. We will provide an affordable program for homeownership.
    Landscaping – The mobile home park is currently barren and unwelcoming. We will be improving the landscaping to give it a fresh facelift.
  • Common areas – While the community has a large space, there is no place for activities. We will be creating family oriented common area.

We are excited to take on this project. Implementing these changes will take time, effort and money, but it will be worth it. We look forward to the challenge and making this place better. Look for updates on our progress.

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