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Groundwater or Well water is by nature potable. It is clean and safe for human consumption because the overlying soil acts as filter. Though there are many types of bacteria that can live in wells, the vast majority of them are harmless and do not cause any kind of illness.

However, harmful contamination at a level of potential health concern can occur anytime, by various means. Contaminants may be from natural geologic sources, sewages, leaked septic tanks, agricultural runoffs, surface water entering the well or improper installation of well casings. Consequently, presence of microbes and harmful chemicals must be regularly checked which can be a very tedious activity. Also, some type of chemicals and microbes like arsenic and E. Coli can go untested in well water testing and can be very much dangerous for human health. The best way to go is through a water filtration system.

Why We Needed Water Filter, Work Involved & How it improved the water Quality

We are responsible for the quality of water that our tenants are consuming.   It is not enough that we simply provide water; it is imperative, decent and ethical that we supply safe, uncontaminated and drinkable water. As professional business owners, this is of utmost importance to us that we are able to offer this basic benefit our tenants deserve.

By Way Mobile Home Park has a drilled well able to supply water to over a hundred households. It is the only source of water for the park since there is no city water accessible in the area. Though initially without a filtration system installed, the well water always passed the US EPA tests and is always fully compliant to their drinking water standards, confirming it to be safe for human consumption. However, well water in this part of Ohio (Columbus) has a lot of iron content, causing the water to come out rusty in color, not tasty to drink and even leaves yellow, red or brown stains on laundry, dishes and sinks and turns tea, coffee and potatoes black. Although iron in well water usually does not present a health problem, drinking water that’s reddish in color and metallic in taste is quite bothersome. So if there is a way for us to provide crystal clear water and make our homeowners feel better and secure, then it is something worth considering.

Filtering can help purify water, removing impurities and making it safe to drink, while often improving its taste. Just last year, we have installed Kinetico filters and systems at By Way Mobile Home Park. Kinetico filters and systems are cleverly engineered to make water clean and clear. The systems are carefully designed to eliminate the most common, challenging issues: cloudy water, rust or blue-green staining and rotten egg smell. Since they provide free, thorough analysis of the water to see which system will be best for the present need, we were able to have the appropriate system necessary. For roughly $20,000 and less than a week work by 2-3 persons, By Way well water has been restored to its most pure state. Our residents are now enjoying crystal clear and tasty to drink water, loving their unstained clothes and perfectly colored potatoes.




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